Firewood of our production will be a perfect fuel for your fireplaces, ovens, saunas and barbeques or for heating your house.

Wood is considered the most ecologically balanced fuel and this is sustained by the fact that our product is made in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.

“Wood Territory” produces hardwood and softwood firewood.
We can offer you both air-dried and kiln-dried wood depending on your needs.

Kiln-dried firewood is preferable for heating systems, as it is easier for starting on fire and produces more heat with less dangerous emissions. It is insect and pest free for safe storage.


Standard size of the firewood 25-30 cm by 5-17 cm Firewood can be cut individually according
to customer’s order.
Internal size of the box 1m*1m*2m. Firewood can be delivered in boxes,
pallets, bags and nets.


“Wood Territory BBQ” – Best Burning Quality. Once you buy our charcoal, you’ll never be able to refuse grilling. Our charcoal is produced in Ukraine from ecologically pure wood and complies with all product quality standards.

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