“Wood Territory BBQ” – Best Burning Quality. Once you buy our charcoal, you’ll never be able to refuse grilling. Our charcoal is produced in Ukraine from ecologically pure wood and complies with all product quality standards.

We can guarantee charcoal without unburned parts, foreign bodies or unpleasant odors.

Charcoal of our production has pure aroma that will make your meals perfect.
“Wood Territory BBQ” lights fast, burns hot and is easily controllable. It can be used for classical BBQs, ovens and all other styles of outdoor cooking appliances.

Purely natural

Lump is charcoal in its most natural form, as it’s not pressed like briquettes and doesn’t contain any additives. You can be sure that every unique piece of this product is exactly what the nature can offer.

Lasting flames

Our charcoal lights easily without using lighter fluid. It produces high heat and burns for a long while, saving your time and money. It leaves little ash for faster cleanup.

Eco friendly

Being made of renewable resources, charcoal is produced strictly due to the forest management standards. Modern manufacturing process based on pyrolysis technologies is carried through with a minimum smoke and pollutions into the atmosphere.

Perfect technology

Lump charcoal is a natural wooden fuel, produced by smoldering in a kiln and then cooling for the right amount of time and at the right temperature. This process allows to get rid of sap, tar, and moisture and transform wood almost entirely into carbon, which produces less smoke and ash.


“Wood Territory Firewood”- Prices cut low. Wood cut to your own measurements. We manufacture wood products for domestic and industrial purposes.

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